Christopher Dargan
Christopher Dargan
Nate was so easy to work with. I am usually nervous having my picture taken. Not the case working with Nate. He engaged me in light small talk so I could calm down. Pics he took I think are the best ever of me. Highly recommend his srvices.
CC Mitchell
CC Mitchell
Nate was a pleasure to work with. He made me feel comfortable and allowed me to have fun with modeling. He was excellent at guiding me and helping with poses. He was professional from beginning to end. I’d love to work with him again in the future. And my photos? They are gorgeous.
Adrian Andrade
Adrian Andrade
Nate really makes it a point to understand what types of photos you're looking to create so that he can make them a reality. During the shoot he's extremely professional, and also just has good vibes and feels like he's one of your friends. This last part was super important for me because it allowed me to loosen up and get out of my head more. He's always happy to help support with pose ideas and even do some coaching to get the best results. Would highly recommend Nate!
Spencer Chuang
Spencer Chuang
I called up Nate for a photoshoot and he was a complete professional and very courteous. We went over what I was looking for and what type of outfits ill be wearing. His photography skills are top notch and he is real easy to work with. I would defiantly do another photoshoot some time in the future. Highly recommended!
Markian Benhamou
Markian Benhamou
Super happy with Nate’s high quality photos! He has very creative concepts, is a pleasure to shoot with, and I highly recommend to anyone.
working with Nate has been and is always an absolute pleasure! Professional, very talented and has an amazing vision. Always makes sure a client is happy and has very quick turnaround with editing. Highly recommend!
Yoshio Kawamura
Yoshio Kawamura
A hard-working individual who’s trying to make an imprint on the game. I personally shot with him and felt nothing but good vibes from this dude. He’s always willing to put extra work in, and the quality is 100% guaranteed. I cannot stress enough how important it is to shoot with a photographer who is not only great, but also he/she knows what you want to create because it makes a whole world of difference.
Alan C
Alan C
Nate is a class act. I did a lifestyle photoshoot with Nate and was extremely pleased with how the photos came out. He was very flexible and knowledgable during the shoot. I personally rely on a few specific poses for my shoots, so I was particularly impressed at the numerous additional poses he knew would read well on camera. Highly recommend!
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Newport Beach Photographer

Why Shoot Portrait Photography in Newport Beach, California?

Newport Beach is one of those quickly-fading beach towns that still preserves much of its vintage charm. It has that old school Californian vibe—think of the superficial innocence of the Beach Boys and you’ve pretty much captured the energy of Newport Beach.

I love shooting on location in and around the Newport Beach area. Its boat-filled harbor provided a great “maritime” look that I like to capture in my photography. But while Newport Beach has a lot of its old school-ness intact, there’s still plenty of contemporary new-ness to go around. Newport Beach is a versatile location within Orange County with a heavy slant towards beachy photography.

waves in newport beach
portrait in newport beach california of man in red jacket

What You Can Wear for Portraits in Newport Beach, California?

To me, Newport Beach, California screams old school beachy charm. I’m thinking of pastel colors and polo shirts, not complete without a pair of boat shoes. However, if the preppy thing isn’t your style (it’s not usually mine) then I’d suggest you dress however you want to.

After all, it’ll be your portrait, and your personality should inform the shoot more than the location.
Feel free to ask me about wardrobe suggestions—I’ve been in the photography business long enough to have a thing or two to say. I know what works, what doesn’t, and exactly how much you should fret over an outfit (it’s less than you’d imagine.)

Best Spots Near Newport Beach, California for Portrait Photography

Newport Beach is full of different looks. However, I find that it does primary colors well—they come together into this vintage, beachy look that pops against a blue sky. It’s a great place for all kinds of portrait photography, but I especially like to bring clients here who want to experience a blast from the past. Here are my favorite photo spots, both old and new.

The Balboa Fun Zone

The Balboa Ferry is a favorite of mine. However, the Balboa Fun Zone brings a unique experience that offers plenty of backdrops and moments to thrust yourself into. It’s full of poppy, eye-catching color and a sort of old school beachy charm that can work well in a session. Compared to the Santa Monica Pier, it’s a quaint little spot that is rife with unique shooting locations.

Newport Pier

Whether you’re on or below the pier, there’s plenty of scenery to chew when we’re shooting your portraits on the Newport Pier. Below, you’re greeted with a tangle of wooden poles that sink below the blue, foamy water. Above, there’s usually a crowd to get lost in, which can be perfect for certain portraits.

Balboa Beach

Balboa Beach might seem like a nondescript beach to most but I see a beach that seems to come right out of the 70s. Little lifeguard shacks run along the expanse of the beach, the striking blue water crashes along the shoreline, and the ocean almost feels hugged by the looming hills on the horizon, lined with tiny houses nestled in the sparse trees. Be it a quiet or bustling day, there’s plenty of portrait opportunities along this modest expanse of coastline.

The Duffy Boats

While it may not be a location on its own, the Duffy boats are a feature unique to Newport Beach and can easily get us on the water and provide a few stunning backdrops that you otherwise would have no access to. Duffy boats are rentable, electric boats that anyone can take out on the water.

Why Choose Me as Your Newport Beach Photographer

I love beach shoots. I’ve always been a fan of the unique opportunities a limitless sunset affords, or the different shapes found in the waves as they crash along the shore. I’ve always had an eye for opportunity and I’m a persistent photographer.

In Newport Beach, we’ll hit the usual sights and I’ll also take you to the less-trodden parts.
Be it morning, noon, or night, or whatever theme or style you’re looking for your portrait, we’ll find a location to capture the moment in Newport Beach. Even if you’re not looking for a vintage flair that’s easy to find in Newport Beach, there’s still plenty more out there.

Facts About Newport Beach, California

Newport Beach, California has an interesting past and is full of fun trivia that I like to keep in my back pocket as either an ice breaker or a way to fill the silence during a shoot. Here are a few pieces!

Try not to fall victim to pier pressure

The Newport Pier is 1,032 feet long and was first built in 1888. It was destroyed by a hurricane in 1939 and was quickly rebuilt—construction was finished just one year later in 1940.

Bring back a whale of a tale

Whale watching is a popular hobby around Newport Beach. Observers can often see grey whales, killer whales, finback whales, blue whales, and even a few sharks in the waters!

Mind the wedge!

A popular spot for surfers can be found in Newport Beach. Visitors call it “the wedge” and the waves there can be as high as 30 feet! This is another popular location to take photos.