Name: Nate Torres

Location: Huntington Beach

Services: Portraits & Headshots

Settings: On-Location or In-Studio

Find Me Online: YouTube Channel

Christopher Dargan
Christopher Dargan
Nate was so easy to work with. I am usually nervous having my picture taken. Not the case working with Nate. He engaged me in light small talk so I could calm down. Pics he took I think are the best ever of me. Highly recommend his srvices.
CC Mitchell
CC Mitchell
Nate was a pleasure to work with. He made me feel comfortable and allowed me to have fun with modeling. He was excellent at guiding me and helping with poses. He was professional from beginning to end. I’d love to work with him again in the future. And my photos? They are gorgeous.
Adrian Andrade
Adrian Andrade
Nate really makes it a point to understand what types of photos you're looking to create so that he can make them a reality. During the shoot he's extremely professional, and also just has good vibes and feels like he's one of your friends. This last part was super important for me because it allowed me to loosen up and get out of my head more. He's always happy to help support with pose ideas and even do some coaching to get the best results. Would highly recommend Nate!
Spencer Chuang
Spencer Chuang
I called up Nate for a photoshoot and he was a complete professional and very courteous. We went over what I was looking for and what type of outfits ill be wearing. His photography skills are top notch and he is real easy to work with. I would defiantly do another photoshoot some time in the future. Highly recommended!
Markian Benhamou
Markian Benhamou
Super happy with Nate’s high quality photos! He has very creative concepts, is a pleasure to shoot with, and I highly recommend to anyone.
working with Nate has been and is always an absolute pleasure! Professional, very talented and has an amazing vision. Always makes sure a client is happy and has very quick turnaround with editing. Highly recommend!
Yoshio Kawamura
Yoshio Kawamura
A hard-working individual who’s trying to make an imprint on the game. I personally shot with him and felt nothing but good vibes from this dude. He’s always willing to put extra work in, and the quality is 100% guaranteed. I cannot stress enough how important it is to shoot with a photographer who is not only great, but also he/she knows what you want to create because it makes a whole world of difference.
Alan C
Alan C
Nate is a class act. I did a lifestyle photoshoot with Nate and was extremely pleased with how the photos came out. He was very flexible and knowledgable during the shoot. I personally rely on a few specific poses for my shoots, so I was particularly impressed at the numerous additional poses he knew would read well on camera. Highly recommend!
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Huntington Beach Photographer

Why Shoot Portrait Photography in Huntington Beach, California?

The weather is Huntington Beach, California is perfect for photography, no matter the variety. While imperfect weather (like rain or even snow) can lend a quality to portraits, nothing beats the simple and fair weather of Huntington Beach. You can shoot all day without worrying about a drop of rain. And more than likely, plan a shoot well ahead knowing perfectly well that it’ll be a dry and sunny day.

Most of all, Huntington Beach is well known for its surfing—with that comes beautifully photogenic beaches and piers that serve as the perfect backdrop or location for a shoot. Sunsets fade to the pastel colors of cotton candy as the evening cools down. And even noon, with its intense sun, can do magical things to a person’s highlights and shadows. Huntington Beach in Orange County is probably my favorite place for outside portrait shoots!

huntington beach pier
portrait in huntington beach california of man in red jacket

What You Can Wear for Portraits in Huntington Beach, California?

Wear whatever you want—I’m not one to judge your wardrobe and clothing is very much contingent on your look and what you are trying to achieve. With that said, Huntington Beach, California is very much a surf town. If you want a look that will fit in, choose something fashionable but relaxing. Huntington Beach locals are well with the term “athleisure”. Whether or not you want to embody that look is up to you.

I’ll help you choose a wardrobe or give you some advice if you need it. Sometimes you want to fit in and sometimes you don’t. We’ll discuss your wardrobe and come up with a plan that makes you happy. At the end of the day, you want to be comfortable in your own skin.

Best Spots Near Huntingon Beach, California for Portrait Photography

If you’re a surfer, swimmer, or beach lounger then you can find a beautiful spot for your Hunting Beach portrait shoot while blindfolded. But there’s plenty else to find in and around the city.

Huntington Beach Pier

You can’t shoot photography in Huntington Beach, California without visiting the pier at least once. It rises from the ocean like a centipede, where it floats almost ephemerally against the flat horizon. On the beach, the water glazes the sand like glass, reflecting the sky in its mirror-like finish.

Pacific City Mural

Murals are always a great backdrop for streetwear photos or clients that are looking for something artistic and/or colorful. Considered by many as one of the best murals in town, the “Pacific City” mural shows a scene of crashing blue waves and beach flora.

The “Flip-Flop Wall”

I don’t normally consider businesses as “locations” for photoshoots, but you can’t beat the creativity and color of the “flip-flop wall” found at the Paséa Hotel & Spa. The artistic creation looks like it was painted by Van Gogh—colorful flip-flops come together to make a colorful abstract rendering of the water at sunset. It’s a great place for a fun shoot that brings with it a bit of elegance as well.

Palm Avenue

Much like Abbey Road, sometimes a street becomes something more than a street thanks to its cultural significance. Palm Avenue is no exception—lined with spindly, looming palm trees, the street comes right out of a Hollywood movie. At sunset, the palm trees become silhouetted against an orange-and-blue sky—the pallet is almost magical and works well with portraiture.

Why Choose Me as Your Huntington Beach Photographer

I am a longtime Huntington Beach resident and no stranger to Huntington Beach and what it has to offer. I understand the nuance of the HB sunset—the purples, pinks, oranges, and blues that’ll peak out for those previous 20 minutes before evening falls. Capturing a portrait in so little time takes experience and intuitive, which I’ve cultivated over the years.

Because I’m from the area, I’ve also developed an understanding of street and beach culture. I tell my clients to come as they are—we’ll figure out a look on-the-spot and search for those spontaneous moments or we can plan ahead and be deliberate and strategic. My photography fits both methodologies and I’m not afraid to mix the two.

Facts About Huntington Beach, California

Here are just a few things I find interesting about Huntington Beach as a photographer.

Who let the dogs out?

Huntington Beach, California is the only beach in Orange County that allows our canine pals to roam the shores.

What’s in a name?

Huntington Beach was named after a 20th-century railroad tycoon by the name of Henry E. Huntington. Huntington was integral to developing much of what we know as Los Angeles today.

“Tin Can Beach”

The popular beach known today as “Bolsa Chica” was once colloquially named “Tin Cap Beach” because it was a popular spot for hobos and free spirits, who used the beach as their own personal boozy hangout.