Christopher Dargan
Christopher Dargan
Nate was so easy to work with. I am usually nervous having my picture taken. Not the case working with Nate. He engaged me in light small talk so I could calm down. Pics he took I think are the best ever of me. Highly recommend his srvices.
CC Mitchell
CC Mitchell
Nate was a pleasure to work with. He made me feel comfortable and allowed me to have fun with modeling. He was excellent at guiding me and helping with poses. He was professional from beginning to end. I’d love to work with him again in the future. And my photos? They are gorgeous.
Adrian Andrade
Adrian Andrade
Nate really makes it a point to understand what types of photos you're looking to create so that he can make them a reality. During the shoot he's extremely professional, and also just has good vibes and feels like he's one of your friends. This last part was super important for me because it allowed me to loosen up and get out of my head more. He's always happy to help support with pose ideas and even do some coaching to get the best results. Would highly recommend Nate!
Spencer Chuang
Spencer Chuang
I called up Nate for a photoshoot and he was a complete professional and very courteous. We went over what I was looking for and what type of outfits ill be wearing. His photography skills are top notch and he is real easy to work with. I would defiantly do another photoshoot some time in the future. Highly recommended!
Markian Benhamou
Markian Benhamou
Super happy with Nate’s high quality photos! He has very creative concepts, is a pleasure to shoot with, and I highly recommend to anyone.
working with Nate has been and is always an absolute pleasure! Professional, very talented and has an amazing vision. Always makes sure a client is happy and has very quick turnaround with editing. Highly recommend!
Yoshio Kawamura
Yoshio Kawamura
A hard-working individual who’s trying to make an imprint on the game. I personally shot with him and felt nothing but good vibes from this dude. He’s always willing to put extra work in, and the quality is 100% guaranteed. I cannot stress enough how important it is to shoot with a photographer who is not only great, but also he/she knows what you want to create because it makes a whole world of difference.
Alan C
Alan C
Nate is a class act. I did a lifestyle photoshoot with Nate and was extremely pleased with how the photos came out. He was very flexible and knowledgable during the shoot. I personally rely on a few specific poses for my shoots, so I was particularly impressed at the numerous additional poses he knew would read well on camera. Highly recommend!
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Los Angeles Portrait Photographer

Why Shoot Portrait Photography in Los Angeles, California?

Los Angeles is the land of urban sprawl. With that said, because the city is so large and spread out, it acts as an almost limitless resource for photography of all varieties. I grew up near the Los Angeles region, so I’ve come to know the city well. It has its rough patches, it’s off-the-beaten trail patches, its patches of untamed beauty, and of course its patches of sophistication and elegance.

You can’t go wrong with any of them—they all inject personality into your portrait photographs, no matter what exactly you’re looking for. Known as the “city of angels”, Los Angeles is equal parts extreme wealth, entertainment and artistry, and relaxation. You can do it all in LA. Most of all, you can be anyone you want to be; my photography can even help you fit that persona or mood while Los Angeles does the rest of the work by just being.

city skyline in los angeles
portrait in los angeles california of man in red jacket

What You Can Wear for Portraits in Los Angeles, California?

Los Angeles is a big city with plenty of different people living in it. The streets are full of all kinds of different styles. I love to shoot models in streetwear—it fits the predominant LA landscape well.

However, my portrait photography is versatile and I am open to whatever aesthetic you’re looking for.
If you’re not sure what to wear, or have any questions, I’m here to answer them. I can tell you what’ll look best through the lens and even give suggestions based on location or mood. Just ask me!

Best Spots Near Los Angeles for Portrait Photography

You can find a place to shoot a portrait literally everywhere in Los Angeles. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t seek out the best places to inform your mood or character on a shoot.

Lake Hollywood Park

You may not be the only person to think of it, but if you’re trying to inject a certain “LA-ness” into your portrait then there is no better place than Lake Hollywood Park. The “Hollywood” sign looms overheat making it easy to fit into a portrait. Whether you’re going for a serious moment or a tongue-in-cheek one, the sign is the perfect prop for the job.

Wayfarers Chapel

While the Hollywood sign might be an oft-trodden spot for photography, the Wayfarers Chapel in Rancho Palos Verdes is a great way to cut through derivative Los Angeles and get to a more unique place. Also known as “the Glass Church” and designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, the chapel serves as a unique and strikingly beautiful backdrop.

Venice Beach

Venice Beach has long been an institution of all things unorthodox in Los Angeles. The beach is home to a unique mixture of the local color and sightseers, which is a recipe that creates many impromptu moments for the camera. Venice Beach acts as a unique backdrop, whether you’re interested in the ocean, the sand, the boardwalk, or the eccentricity.

Abandoned Zoo in Griffith Park

If you’re searching for a more mysterious, almost dystopian look than the Old Los Angeles Zoo situated in Griffith Park is your place. Abandoned exhibits, colorful vandalism, and spooky nooks and crannies all come together to provide a sometimes dark. Sometimes fun, and wholly unique location to shoot a portrait.

Why Choose Me as Your Los Angeles Portrait Photographer

I don’t just know every spot in Los Angeles to shoot photography. I know the best time to explore these spots. Sometimes Venice Beach is best during the golden hour, where my clients are lit by fading warm sunlight. And when it’s been raining all day (admittedly, a rare thing in LA) the Wayfarers Chapel is full of lush, green foliage which pops against the subdued light of a gloomy day.

It contrasts well with the glass and wood of the chapel. To put it simply—shooting great portrait photography or headshot photography in Los Angeles isn’t just about what you know, where you know to go, or the kind of camera you have. You have to bring with you an intuition that is perfectly combined with experience—I’ve found that formula in Los Angeles.

Facts About Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles is a sprawling city full of history. A single person couldn’t possibly know everything about it. With that said, I love Los Angeles trivia. While I may not be an encyclopedia on the topic, I think I’ve collected quite a bit throughout my life.

What could have bean

The oft-envied, rich neighborhood of Beverly Hills had humble beginnings as a lima bean ranch. Who could have thought it’d become one of the richest neighborhoods in the world?

Rain, rain, go away

While Los Angeles isn’t exactly known for having a prolific rainy season, almost a foot (!) of rain fell across the city in February 1978. Legend says there’s still traffic on the 405 from that storm to this day.

Hollywood; an excuse to get away from Thomas Edison

There is a reason most of our film industry is concentrated in Los Angeles (Hollywood, to be exact) but it’s probably not why you think. Before filmmakers migrated to the West, much of the industry operated in New Jersey, where Thomas Edison greedily held most of the country’s film rights. Filmmakers, having had enough, fled to the Wild West to escape his wrath and find creative and intellectual freedom.