Contact info

Send me a text message, call me, or send me an email!

I am currently located in Huntington Beach, California.


(714) 837-8003


[email protected]

Steps from contact to photo session:

  1. Send me a message (via text, call, or email).
  2. We’ll discuss via phone call or Zoom call the goals of the session (type of portrait, attire, setting, purpose of portraits).
  3. We’ll discuss rates:
    • $350 for a 2-hour session + 50 cents/mile of travel
      • You will receive 10-20 photos fully edited.
  4. Once we understand the goals of the session, I will plan the location, poses, and the best time of day that will be best to shoot.
  5. After the session, I will send fully edited photos to you via email within 7 days.

*Schedule a session at least 7 days in advance (to account for prep time, location research, wardrobe research, etc.)