Leica Q vs Q2 – Which Camera Is Better in 2023?

This is a review guide covering Leica Q vs Q2 cameras.

In a hurry? Here’s the quick overview:

Below are the main differences between the Leica Q and Q2 camera.

Announced10 Jun 201507 Mar 2019
Sensor Resolution24Mp47Mp
Sensor TypeFull frame CMOSFull frame CMOS
Physical Dimensions130 x 80 x 93 mm130 x 80 x 92 mm
Screen Type3″ Fixed3″ Fixed
Video Resolutions1920×10803840×2160
Video Resolutions1920×10803840×2160
Sensor Dimensions36.0 x 24.0 mm36.0 x 24.0 mm
Sensor Resolution24 Mp47 Mp
Max Image Resolution6000 x 40008368 x 5584
Video FormatMPEG-4MPEG-4
Screen TypeFixedFixed
Screen Size3.0″3.0″
Screen Resolution1040Kdot1040Kdot
Live ViewYesYes
Touch ScreenYesYes

Leica Q vs Q2 – Which Camera Should You Buy?

Leica cameras are as beautiful as the name sounds. Industry professionals use Leica cameras for all sorts of photography purposes. But there has always been a hot debate about the Leica Q vs Q2. If you’re investing so much behind a camera, you need to be certain of which one to buy!

Don’t worry, as this article will answer that question with a lot of depth. So without further ado, let’s begin.

Leica Company Introduction

Ernst Leitz founded Leica in 1896. The company was initially titled Leitz and was based in Wetzlar, Germany. After almost 100 years, it changed its name to Leica Camera AG and relocated to Solms, Germany.

It manufactures a wide range of products including –

  • Rangefinder cameras
  • SLR cameras
  • DSLR cameras
  • Binoculars & Monoculars
  • Telescopes
  • Laser Rangefinders
  • Riflescopes
  • Optical lenses

A camera manufacturing company founded before World War II and still going strong – speaks volumes for itself!

In their words,

“Leica products are designed from the ground up as tools for creating completely unique visual experiences – nothing more and nothing less… Even under extreme conditions such as severe temperature fluctuation or impact, our products exceed the highest expectations”.

These claims are certainly attested by its lengthy existence and an annual company revenue of 400 million euros!

Leica Q Camera Overview

Leica Q Camera
  • Form Factor – Compact
  • Color – Black
  • Sensor Size – Full Frame
  • Sensor resolution – 24.2 Megapixels
  • Continuous Shooting Speed – 10 fps
  • 3.68 MP LCOS Integrated Electronic Viewfinder

How is the Leica Q Camera?

The Leica Q is one among the highest-tiers of digital cameras. Even before the mirrorless craze, Leica has been a pioneer of mirrorless cameras.

The 24.2 Megapixel CMOS full-frame sensor captures meticulous photographs of incomparable quality.

It also allows you to shoot images of up to 50,000 ISO! Such a high light sensitivity is great for shooting crystal clear at night and in dark environments.

A 3.68 MP electronic viewfinder will make you feel as if you’re viewing everything in 3D. It’s certainly the highest EVF spec compared to any other camera.

Additionally, all the parameters like focus distance, aperture, etc., can be adjusted through the viewfinder. There is no noticeable latency or delay in shot capture time.

It’s arguably one of the lightest cameras in the market with no compromise to build quality. Boasting a magnesium and aluminum body, it weighs only around 1.3 pounds.

The Leica Maestro II processor will give you a formidable performance of 10 frames per second at full resolution.

Leica’s new Firmware update 2.0 enables you to shoot DNG RAW files separately instead of in combination with JPG files.

This helps you save space on your memory card with no need to delete unwanted JPG files. Plus, the combined JPG-DNG mode is still available if you need to enable it!

It’s fully networkable with WiFi and NFC. You can download the Leica app, available in Play Store and iOS, to integrate it with your smartphones.

Although this is a fixed 28 mm lens camera, you can crop to 35mm and 50mm within the camera settings.

The cropped images are saved in JPG, while the RAW file contains the full 28mm image regardless of the JPG sizing.

The autofocus metering area can be selected in small, medium, and large sizes. In addition, AutoFocus automatically switches to multi-field autofocus mode as soon as a face is detected.

Pros and Cons Leica Q

My Pros With This Camera:

  • 14-bit color depth with a max resolution of 6000×4000 pixels
  • The lens features a normal mode and a Macro mode
  • Autofocus can be enabled immediately with a switch on the Lens
  • Lightweight with astounding photo quality

My Cons With This Camera:

  • Lofty price tag
  • Average video resolution of 1080p
  • Does not come with a warranty

Leica Q2 Camera Overview

Leica Q2 Camera
  • Form Factor – Compact
  • Color – Black
  • Sensor Size – Full Frame
  • Sensor resolution – 47.3 Megapixels
  • Continuous Shooting Speed – 10 fps
  • 3.68 MP OLED Electronic Viewfinder

How is the LEICA Q2 Camera?

The Leica Q2 is certainly a step up from the Q. It features an astounding 47.3-megapixel sensor which is certain to capture the nitty-gritty details of each and every frame.

It can also capture video in 4K! That’s a big plus, along with a maximum ISO of 50,000.

The 3.68 MP OLED breaks the industry once again. No other camera is able to offer an EVF spec as good as this.

Like the Leica Q, the parameters can be adjusted using the viewfinder, and the viewfinder is activated immediately when the camera is brought up to the eye.

The camera also features a push-button diopter setting dial on the back which prevents accidental shifting of the compensation value.

Leica is known for lightweight and durability – the Q2 being no exception. It’s made with magnesium and weighs only around 1.6 pounds.

4K video is possible with 30 or 24 frames per second. You can also capture videos in full HD with 120, 60, 30, or 24 frames per second.

There are three photo capture formats for you to explore which include DNG, DNG + JPEG, and JPEG. You can shoot at a maximum of 8368×5584 pixels!

The Leica Q2 is WiFi, NFC and Bluetooth enabled. The Leica FOTOS App can be used to integrate it with your smartphones.

It’s also a fixed lens camera with 28 mm, but you can crop digitally to 35mm, 50mm, and 75mm within the camera settings.

The integrated macro mode dial on the lens shifts the Q2’s focus distance down to just 17 cm to capture close-ups with fine precision.

Pros and Cons Leica Q2

My Pros With This Camera:

  • 47.3 MP with a max resolution of 8368×5584 pixels
  • 4K Video and Full-HD video at 120 fps
  • Digital zoom up to 75 mm
  • Includes Warranty

My Cons With This Camera:

  • Is slightly heavier
  • Not readily available


What is the Difference Between Leica Q vs Q2 Camera?

The main difference between the two cameras is that the Q2 has a higher resolution sensor, 47.3 MP compared to 24.2 MP of the Q. It also has a higher resolution electronic viewfinder, 3.68 MP compared to 1.04 MP of the Q. Additionally, the Q2 has a weather-sealed body and improved autofocus system.

Who Should Use Leica Cameras?

Leica cameras are often used by professional photographers and enthusiasts who are looking for high-quality image capture, advanced features, and a unique shooting experience. They are particularly popular among street photographers, travel photographers, and portrait photographers.

Final Remarks

Hopefully, your concerns regarding which camera to buy have been answered. If you’re still wondering – it’s the Leica Q2. Do share this Leica Q vs Q2 guide if it has helped you!

Have fun, good luck, and keep photographing!

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