Canon T6 vs Canon T7: 2023 Comparison List

This is a guide to uncover the differences between the Canon T6 and Canon T7 and which is better for you.

Welcome to the world of photography. In this business, people use a variety of products to perform their job or hobby.

Some use their phones, some use standard cameras, and some go to the lengths of buying the Phase One XF IQ4.

So, what about you? Have you chosen your first camera?
Or are you thinking about the best camera you can afford?
Or perhaps, you are still uncertain whether to buy the Canon T6 or T?

The similarities in their investment cost have created confusion among beginner photographers, this article aims to redress that confusion.

In this article, we will compare both the T6 and T7, explain the benefits and disadvantages that they have, and the difference between the Canon Rebel T6 & T7 range, and the Canon camera T6 & T7.

With that out of the way, let us start comparing, shall we?

In a hurry? Here’s a quick summary:

I believe the Canon Rebel T7 to be the better choice out of the two. Keep reading to find the whole analysis and article.

Canon T6 vs. T7: Which is Better?

A common problem occurs when people type canon camera t6 vs t7 in google, what normally gets returned is the canon rebel t6 vs t7.

You need to understand that these are in fact both the same camera. This happens because of Canon’s tendency to name its camera based on the target market.

For example, people in Japan call it the Canon Kiss X7i, in America, they are called the Canon Rebel T5i, and other countries may call it the Canon EOS 700D.

At the end of the day, it is still the same camera. Canon just gives it different names based on the market. This often confuses people, and many have questioned the reason behind it. Sadly, only Canon can answer.

Although it may be worth bearing in mind that the “Rebel” moniker is usually given to entry-level cameras.

You may wonder which is the better camera, the Canon T6 or T7? Starting from the strong brand reputation and the friendly pocket $, these cameras are both very popular.

For starters, both cameras are DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) cameras equipped with an APS-C Sensor.

DSLR cameras are able to take many pictures with ease and low cost, these more “modern” cameras are able to quickly view images immediately after the shoot, use HDR, focus stacking, and provide many other modern features to achieve a better result.

These cameras are usually recommended for beginners (view 12 best cameras for beginners) because of their multi-functionality, and specs that are enough to produce quality photos without breaking the bank.

Is the Canon T6 a Good Camera?

There are many factors that make a camera “good”. The Canon T6 is considered one of the most budget-friendly cameras due to its functionality and flexibility of lenses.

Size and weight of course come into consideration when choosing a new camera. The Canon T6 weighs around 485g and has a 129 x 101 x 78 mm body dimension.

The t6 is armed with an 18MP APS CMOS sensor that is good enough for beginners and a processor that is better than its precursor, the canon camera t5. A solid battery life supplies enough grunt for it to last for approx. 500 shots.

The Canon t6 camera was considered the best budget camera in its heyday, with many reviews in 2016 praising how worthy it is.

Sadly, there are many more budget cameras that have come since that is better than the t6 which has slowly made it less relevant.

As an example, the Canon’s next step up – the t7 is pretty much an identical twin with a few minor improvements. The rest of the specs are pretty much the same

When people compare cameras, the most common factor to compare is the specifications. Sadly, when you choose the Canon t6 or t7 and compare the results, it will likely become a hard game of “spot the difference”.

In its class, the Canon t6 may not be the best or even the worst. Because of its features, it is somehow average. With its mediocrity, the Canon t6 is a good choice for your first camera.

Canon T6 Pros and Cons

Canon T6 Pros

One of the key features that the Canon camera t6 has is its compact and small size. Its lightness and small form factor make it easy to carry around. Even when coupled with a lens, the camera does not become too bulky.

The camera menu system is easy to navigate as well. Furthermore, when shooting in bright sunny conditions, the menu is still easily readable.

The Canon t6 also provides some really great video quality.

Wifi and NFC are something new to the Canon Rebel which allows you to quickly share photos to phones or devices that are connected. This feature is both a curse and a blessing as it sometimes malfunctions and can make things even more complicated.

Other than those features, the Canon t6’s budget-friendliness allows you to buy more lenses as you deem fit.

canon rebel t6

Canon T6 Cons

The Canon t6 does have its setbacks.

Although the camera is able to be used in low-light environments, environments that require you to crank the ISO up to more than 1600 should be avoided. In that state, the noise will become noticeable.

The canon t6 is also not recommended for action shots. This is because it only has a 3fps burst speed. Despite this, the feature is good enough for beginners on a budget that want to practice and get used to the burst feature.

Most people see it as a stepping stone for beginners before they advance and buy a better camera that suits their needs.

When choosing either the canon t6 or t7, it should be noted that the t6 camera is already 4 years old. It can be said that it is a bit outdated and there are many other cameras that are better that are also budget-friendly such as the Canon t7.

Speaking of which, let us now introduce you to its competitor from the same manufacturer, the Canon t7.

Is the Canon T7 a Good Camera?

The Canon T7 enters the fray with its classic all-black, very light plastic body, and the signature Rebel look from its predecessors.

The Canon t7 surely earned the name “Rebel” by becoming a portable device with great value. The value becomes significant as a first purchase, rather than an upgrade from the Canon t6.

When compared, the Canon t7 reigns superior over its predecessor. But when compared to other manufacturers it does lack in some areas.

Do note that many specifications that the canon rebel t6 had, are “imported” to the canon t7 so there aren’t any major improvements other than the Megapixel count, software, and bigger thus better JPEG and Raw buffer.

The Canon Rebel T7 is also in the same spot as its predecessor (Canon T6). It may not be the best in its class and has no real unique USPs/features.

With that out the way, let’s talk about the Canon T7’s pros and cons.

Canon T7 Pros and Cons

Canon T7 Pros

The Canon t7 was introduced with a relatively low investment level. Usually, when products are introduced as budget-friendly, many people believe that quality may be lacking.

Surprisingly, the Canon t7 is able to take very good quality photos and has a beginner-friendly interface and features that are easy to navigate. It may not be as incredible as the Canon t7i (view 10 best lenses for Canon t7i), but if compared to the Canon t6 it is a bit better

Photo results show that the Canon t7 is good at balancing exposure, catching details of messy objects, and has many style options for use in photos. It is also capable of delivering high-quality images and does well in low-light conditions.

When comparing the software against the Canon T6, the T7 has slightly faster software (Canon DIGIC 4+ Image Processor) and gives better results when used for high ISO shots by reducing noise and improving detail.

Because the Canon T7 is a more recent model, there are many lenses that can be used. In conclusion, this makes the camera a great value.

Canon EOS Rebel T7

Canon T7 Cons

Although it may be one of the best budget-friendly cameras out there, the Canon t7 still has its drawbacks.

These drawbacks do not cause major problems if you are a beginner but are still worth noting if you want a higher-quality image or aim to become a professional with the same camera.

The Canon t7 display does not have a touch screen and is also unable to tilt (stationary LCD). This is not as useful as the “vari-angle” touch screen that the Canon t7i possesses.

This means that you must navigate the menus using buttons which may prove to be uncomfortable after intense usage.

From the video recording point of view, the Canon does not fare too well due to the lack of autofocus, and no microphone input. Although this can be overcome manually, it is too much hassle for many.

The lack of autofocus and microphone input makes it less desirable to those who are into videography (including casual users).

Compared to the Canon t6, there are not many major differences. Although there are many improvements here and there, people do not recommend the Canon t7 camera if they can afford a better camera such as the Nikon D3400 or the Canon t7i which are better for the long term.

Canon EOS Rebel T7

What is the Difference Between the Canon T6 and T7?

When comparing the Canon camera T6 vs T7, it can be seen that both of the features and specs are very similar.

It may seem that the Canon T7 is just the Canon T6 with a few improvements to minor features, which is true. It may seem like the Canon T7 has the upper hand in this area, but before jumping to that conclusion, let us list all of the differences between the two:

  1. The Canon T7 has 33.89% more pixels (a total of 24.1MP) than its rival the Canon T6 which only has 18MP.
  2. The Canon T7 is lighter than T6 by around 10 grams, which should not be much of a deal for most people. The size of both is pretty much the same without any major differences.
  3. The Canon T7 has a much bigger JPEG buffer capable of buffering 150 shots in comparison to the t6’s 15 shots. This also means that the T7 has a bigger RAW buffer which is 11 shots, while the T6 is only capable of 6 shots.
  4. It may be worth noting that the T6 has bigger pixels, which makes it better for low-light and dynamic ranges. The Canon T6 pixels are ~4.30 microns, while the t7 pixels are 3.72 microns.

Other than that, the two cameras also have some common weaknesses:

  1. They do not have articulated screens, which makes taking photos from certain angles much harder. The screens are also not a touchscreen which may be uncomfortable for some.
  2. They do not have a built-in GPS or Bluetooth.
  3. Neither camera has an external mic jack which may result in less crisp audio.
  4. There are not any headphone jacks.
  5. They do not support slow-motion videos.

These weaknesses may seem unappealing for professionals or people who are into videography, again highlighting that this camera is more suited for beginners.

The lack of articulated screens forces the user to look through the viewfinder in most scenarios. The menu systems on both cameras make use of a simple interface that is easy to maneuver, particularly for beginners.


At the end of the day, there are not any significant game-changing factors that make one camera more favorable. Both of them are almost the same in many factors. So, let us settle the fight between the Canon T6 and T7.

The results show that the Canon T7 is undoubtedly a better camera than the T6 for a beginner. With its slightly higher specifications and features, the Canon T7 gives better value for money.

Better JPEG and RAW buffers, autofocus, higher megapixels, and slightly better software. If we had to decide and choose either the Canon T6 or T7, then the Canon T7 would provide a better investment.

Canon EOS Rebel T7

But! If you are someone who is considering becoming a professional or a serious hobbyist, then we highly recommend cameras such as the NIKON D3400, or the Canon t7i that have better features and are more tailored to your needs.

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