Canon EOS 4000D/Rebel T100 Review: Is it Good in 2023?

This is a review guide covering the Canon EOS 4000D/Rebel T100.

The Canon EOS 4000D (also known as the Canon Rebel T100 in some parts of the world) is an entry-level DSLR from the Canon stable.

It was launched back in 2018. It is powered by an APS-C sensor and is paired with the DIGIC 4+ image processor.

If you are looking for an entry-level camera and someone told you to get a Canon because they are the largest camera manufacturer (and seller) in the world, chances are you have probably considered the Canon 4000D at one point.

This Canon EOS 4000D review is to find out more about this entry-level piece of photography gear and to figure out if it makes sense to invest in it.

In a hurry? Here’s a quick review of the Canon EOS 4000D/Rebel T100:

The Canon EOS 4000D/Rebel T100 is an entry-level digital SLR camera aimed at consumers who are just starting to explore photography and looking for a relatively affordable camera that is easy to use. It is designed for amateur photographers or those who have limited experience with photography and want to step up from using a point-and-shoot camera or a smartphone. It is ideal for those who want to take high-quality photos of family, friends, and travel experiences. It can also be used by students or hobbyists who want to learn more about photography and want to experiment with different settings and features.

It features:

  • 18 Megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor
  • DIGIC 4+ image processor
  • 9-point AF system with 1 center cross-type AF point
  • Full HD 1080p video recording at 30fps
  • ISO range of 100-6400 (expandable to 12800)
  • 2.7-inch TFT LCD with 230k dots resolution
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and smartphone connectivity
  • Scene Intelligent Auto mode for easy shooting
  • Weight of approximately 436g (body only)

Canon EOS 4000D/Rebel T100 Review Summary

If you’re searching for an entry-level DSLR there has to be a capping on expectations.

Realistically, this is a good camera for any beginner. If you do not expect something out of the ordinary and your expectations and reasonable you will enjoy using this camera.

It shoots great stills in good light, shoots full HD videos, and comes with built-in Wi-Fi to transfer videos and stills seamlessly to a compatible device.

What else can you expect? Sure, it does not have a fast frame rate or lightning-quick autofocus, but then this camera is not aimed at enthusiasts.

It does not hide its limitations.

If you can work around those you will enjoy using this camera.

Pros and Cons Canon EOS 4000D/Rebel T100

My Pros With This Camera:

  • Simple design, easy to operate.
  • Small in size, lightweight, and perfect for someone who is migrating from a compact camera.
  • Decent image quality.
  • One of the best value DSLRs in the market.
  • Comes with built-in Wi-Fi
  • Ergonomic design with all buttons and dials at the back of the camera easily reachable
  • Built-in edit options (entry-level, not a replacement for a proper editing tool).

My Cons With This Camera:

  • The image resolution lacks punch.
  • Less said about the build quality is better.
  • Video quality is entry-level.
  • No option to plug in an external microphone (for video recording).

Canon EOS 4000D/Rebel T100 Specs

Let’s make a detailed study of the Canon EOS 4000D specs. The Canon EOS 4000D is an entry-level DSLR powered by an 18-megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor.

Paired with the sensor is Canon’s DIGIC 4+ image processor. The camera is capable of shooting sharp, detailed, and swell-exposed images in decent light.

Some of you may feel that 18-megapixel is on the smaller side. Yes, it is but then if you think rationally, you don’t need more than 18 megapixels if all you are going to do is share your photos on social media.

The ISO range of the camera is 100-6400. Pushing the ISO to its limits is not a great idea because this camera does not have the processing efficiency to produce clean images at high ISOs.

3 fps is the continuous shooting speed of the camera. As you can imagine this is a starter camera plus the camera model is dated considering it was launched back in 2018.

There are limitations to what the camera can do. The few numbers of frames in continuous burst mode take away many of the shooting opportunities.

You can’t shoot wildlife, sports photography is out of the question too and you will also have to avoid shooting fast action.

Canon EOS 4000DCanon Rebel T100 example image
Canon EOS 4000D/ Canon Rebel T100 example image

The camera comes with built-in Wi-Fi. There are a bunch of benefits to that.

First of all, you can instantly transfer your photos and videos to your smartphone. So basically, you have the option to upload your photos to social media as you go.

As the quality and resolution of the images captured by this camera are much higher than what an average smartphone can produce, your social media posts will be better exposed and have a larger amount of detail.

The absence of NFC, on the other hand, is not amusing. I think Canon could have included faster pairing with a compatible device.

This list of the Canon EOS 4000D specs would be incomplete without a mention of the camera’s AF system.

The Canon 4000D features Canon’s basic 9-point autofocusing system.

You will find this AF system on many of the other entry-level DSLRs that Canon makes including the EOS 2000D.

Canon EOS 4000D2 Canon Rebel T100 example image
Canon EOS 4000D/ Canon Rebel T100 example image

A smaller number of AF points doesn’t offer too much in terms of flexibility.

For example, if you want to take an off-center composition the fact that the AF points are so few and don’t cover the entire frame means you will find it difficult to make such a composition possible.

You will have to either use the focus and recompose technique or use manual focusing to nail focus.

Manual focusing is always the least recommended when the subject is too far away and especially if the subject is moving.

The lack of enough AF points also suggests that this camera will have issues tracking a moving subject.

All that said there is a huge advantage that comes with this camera. The 4000D uses the EF-S mount.

Canon is the largest camera and lens manufacturer in the world, you have yourself the largest selection of lenses and accessories to choose from for your EOS 4000D.

Canon EOS 4000D/Rebel T100 Design

Let’s shift to the design elements of the camera without which this Canon EOS 4000D review will be incomplete.

The design of the camera is simplistic. There are not too many surprises or inadequacies.

This is a small camera and will fit nicely if you have small hands. In large hands, the camera will feel too small and a bit weird to handle.

All the major buttons and dials at the back of the camera are located towards the right of the panel. They fall in nicely within reach provided that your hands fit.

The back of the camera is dominated by a 2.7-inch LCD monitor. This is a fixed display with a resolution of 230-K dots.

This is one of the worst displays in the market and the resolution is simply too low.

Canon EOS 4000D Canon Rebel T100 example image of leaves
Canon EOS 4000D/ Canon Rebel T100 example image

The good thing is it covers 100% of the frame, unlike the viewfinder which only covers 95% of the frame.

The problem with viewfinders on such entry-level DSLRs is that you have to be careful when composing because the sensor captures more than what you see.

Always check the immediate periphery of the frame for any elements that you may not want to include in your composition.

The grip of the camera is slightly less deep than I would have preferred. But then this is a subjective thing and some of you may find it adequate.

I am used to deeper grips because it gives me confidence when I am hand-holding my camera.

Canon EOS 4000D/Rebel T100 Image Quality

The first thing that I am going to talk about in image quality is color reproduction. Every camera manufacturer adds its touch when it comes to color reproduction.

The world of photography is not biased towards any one particular brand when it comes to color reproduction straight out of the camera.

Some prefer Canon. Some prefer Nikon, just as many prefer Sony and other brands.

Canon has always been a favorite among many. The JPEG images SOOC of the EOS 4000D are natural and beautiful.

That said skin tones can be a bit over the top. But then this is a personal opinion, and you are free to have a different opinion about the colors.

I come straight to the point about the next important thing and that is noise in your images.

APS-C sensors, especially the ones that do not include BSI technology don’t perform so well in low-light conditions.

Thanks at least the sensor does not have a large number of pixels. Otherwise packing too many pixels would have made the individual sensors too small and susceptible to noise.

The native ISO of the EOS 4000D goes from 100 to 6400. This sensor is not designed to be ISO invariant.

Tip – don’t push the ISO number too high. Stay within a reasonable range and you will be able to capture clear images.

Pushing the ISO too high, especially when shooting in low light conditions will produce noise.

Canon EOS 4000D/Rebel T100 Video Quality

The EOS 4000D captures basic full-HD videos at a maximum frame rate of 30 fps.

There are two other options 25 fps and the cinematic 24 fps.

The maximum clip duration is 29 mins and 59 seconds or 4GB (depending on the memory card you slotted in).

Audio recorded internally is Linear PCM. There is no 3.5mm port to plug in an external mic and that according to me is what makes things worse for the camera.

If you could plug in an external mic the audio quality would have been better and you could have got some interesting footage with nice audio.

The internal mic of all DSLRs is pretty bad.

Canon EOS 4000D/Rebel T100 Overall Performance

The Canon 4000D is a decent shooter. The 18-megapixel sensor has enough resolution to capture detailed images in decent light.

The real test of the camera is when you are shooting in low light, as all cameras can shoot great images in good light.

The ISO sensitivity range of the Canon EOS 4000D is 100-6400.

There is an expandable option where the ISO can be pushed to 12800. We don’t recommend using the Canon EOS 4000D at such high ISOs.

The best option would be to use a maximum ISO of 800.


Is Canon EOS Rebel T100 meant for pictures?

The Canon EOS Rebel T100 (also known as the 4000D) is an entry-level DSLR camera that is meant for those who are new to photography.

How old is the Canon Rebel T100?

The Canon EOS Rebel T100, also known as the EOS 4000D, was first announced by Canon in February 2018.

Does Canon Rebel T100 take video?

Yes, the Canon EOS Rebel T100 (also known as the EOS 4000D) is capable of taking videos. It supports 1080p Full HD video recording at 30 frames per second. It also has a built-in microphone for audio recording.

Is the Canon Rebel T100 full frame or crop sensor?

The Canon Rebel T100 (also known as the EOS 4000D) is a crop sensor camera. This means that the image sensor in the camera is smaller than a full-frame sensor, and as a result, the camera has a 1.6x crop factor.

Final Remarks

We hope you enjoyed this review guide on the Canon EOS 4000D/Rebel T100.

Consider everything we’ve reviewed as to whether this is the right camera for you!

Have fun, good luck, and keep photographing!

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